Thursday, March 16, 2017

Literature Circles

Literature Circles 2016-2017

We just finished our lit circles unit and I will speak to you about it.
First off I would like to tell you what moral dilemmas are. A moral dilemma is the problem in the story for example Jack lost his kite. That is an example of what moral dilemmas are. 
        Our group just read to books and their dilemmas were a boy tries to find out if his teacher doesn't like him. Secondly was a boy that caused a bad crash and how he handles it. The first dilemma belongs to a book called Nothing But The Truth, and the second dilemma goes to a book called Nobody Else Has To Know. The main character for Nothing But but the Truth was Phillep Malloy and the other characters were Miss.Narwin,Mr and Mrs.Malloy, Allison and finally the assistant Principal. The Main character for Nobody Else Has To Know was Webber Freegy along with Maxie, Grandpa, Taffy Putnam,Dylis,Mrs.Freegy and Beefy. Our authors were Ingrid Tomey for Nobody Else Has To Know and no one (since it's a documentary) for Nothing But The Truth.
       Nothing But The Truth wasn't exactly solved so Nobody Else Has To Know was solved through a confession to the police. In Nothing But The Truth I would have just went along with what happened and not cause a ruches. In Nobody Else Has To Know I would have went right ahead and confessed to what happened.
         That is it for this post so goodbye. ( P.S. hope you enjoyed it)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Invent Iowa, 2016-2017

Invent Iowa

This year of 2016-2017 we did a contest in our Goal room to see who could make the best invention.
My invention was called the WaterFinder 2000. The problem it was trying to solve was dehydration to the body while you were in the desert. It was designed to gather water in the desert so you would survive in such a climate. The thing that I was most proud about was that I was able to come up with this item. Some of the challenges I faced was being able to set my entire board up in time for our invention convention. The things I would do to improve my project would be to Put on my sources and create a working model if I could.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Independent Project 2016

My project is gemstones and I would like to do brief talk about on my topic. In my topic I have gathered info on the stones that are presented and including a few talks at the beginning but then the stones are there. My favorite part is the diamond at the end cause it's my birthstone. I would change it so I could add facts about prices and mines but I couldn't at the time. I became better informed on certain stones that one stone could be more than one color at a time.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Poetry Reflection

Poetry Reflection

After actually doing poetry my view of this writing has changed after seeing what its like and how much fun it is.  For the past two weeks I've been having fun writing something that at first felt like was going to be the end of me because it at first was a boring the life out of you feeling became a living for eternity feeling after feeling how much fun it was. 
            This experience was amazing I do suggest that more people try to see how fun it really is.

Friday, December 4, 2015

My Sailing Project

My Sailing Project

This project was a long and hard to be able to complete. There is a sport called sailing where you get if a you buy a special built boat you are getting ready to race in a sailing race. Did you know that sailing happens to be an olympic sport.These races have multiple ways of racing sometimes you will race around the world!Take a look for yourself.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Michael Jordan Video

One way Michael Jordan connects to my life is because we make a great success and sometimes we make a Mistake but rise back up to the top of the list.  Michael Jordan inspires me to never give up and keeps many of the country on the right path.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Talk

I've just finished reading this book called Warriors Rising Storm by Erin Hunter.  The main character is named Fireheart. He has to face many dangers. A ex-clanmate Tigerclaw is trying to destroy his home clan. The plot is that Fireheart has to face many dangers. He has to fight off rouge cats [which means they do not have a clan] to protect his clan. I say this book is a Fantasy, Adventure book. I think this book's theme is Courage. There are so many reasons that this book's theme is courage. I'm gonna say that there is a forest fire and Fireheart has to rescue a kit from a tree that's on fire. I like this book so much because it is action packed in almost every single chapter. I would rate this book 10-10 because this book is awesome and action packed. I would recommend it if you like action books.