Thursday, March 16, 2017

Literature Circles

Literature Circles 2016-2017

We just finished our lit circles unit and I will speak to you about it.
First off I would like to tell you what moral dilemmas are. A moral dilemma is the problem in the story for example Jack lost his kite. That is an example of what moral dilemmas are. 
        Our group just read to books and their dilemmas were a boy tries to find out if his teacher doesn't like him. Secondly was a boy that caused a bad crash and how he handles it. The first dilemma belongs to a book called Nothing But The Truth, and the second dilemma goes to a book called Nobody Else Has To Know. The main character for Nothing But but the Truth was Phillep Malloy and the other characters were Miss.Narwin,Mr and Mrs.Malloy, Allison and finally the assistant Principal. The Main character for Nobody Else Has To Know was Webber Freegy along with Maxie, Grandpa, Taffy Putnam,Dylis,Mrs.Freegy and Beefy. Our authors were Ingrid Tomey for Nobody Else Has To Know and no one (since it's a documentary) for Nothing But The Truth.
       Nothing But The Truth wasn't exactly solved so Nobody Else Has To Know was solved through a confession to the police. In Nothing But The Truth I would have just went along with what happened and not cause a ruches. In Nobody Else Has To Know I would have went right ahead and confessed to what happened.
         That is it for this post so goodbye. ( P.S. hope you enjoyed it)


  1. I liked how you gave the basic idea of what happened in the book, but did not give too much away.

  2. I like how well you described it and told us what he had to choose between without giving to much away